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New Year Regime – CLASSIK Green Rice

Monday, 18 December 2017 17:51 Written by
There is something about year-end which brings a unique feeling of weight consciousness to me. I have observed that for the past few years, I think about my weight and looks around this time of the year when Thanksgiving has just passed, and Christmas approaching. Maybe I am the only one going through this cycle, but I find that I am looking at myself more in the mirror and glad that I have shed a few pounds compared to previous years. I didn’t necessarily set a weight-loss goal, it was accidental, but I love the way I feel so I…
I can feel it in the air, the Christmas spirit is looming. I love Christmas for the simple reason that it was a special time in my home and especially for me because I took over the cooking in my high school years. Considering that cooking was a regular routine in our family, it was difficult to come up with a new recipe for special holidays like Christmas. I remember using my creative culinary skills to tweak the same recipe every year by adding a new ingredient or spice or substituting them to introduce a new taste.

Finding Fab Amid The Freeze - Grilled Pork

Friday, 27 October 2017 20:31 Written by
I am very grateful for my immigration to the United States considering that the country has all great things to offer me however; sometimes I wish the weather didn’t interfere with my joy. For the simple fact that I have spent more than half of my life in Africa, adjusting to the cold weather this country presents is still a working progress. I love warm weather but since I am naturally very considerate, I understand that every season is an answer to someone’s prayer and a solution to a problem.

Bracing for the Breeze with ‘Tasty Greens’

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 20:46 Written by
Alright, let me lay the foundation for what I am about to say! I like conversations about weather because to be honest, I prefer just one type of weather – warm. However; I live with the reality that I am not the only one in this planet and definitely not the only being in my continent. Now, with confession out of the way, I believe you will find it easier to keep reading!

A Perfect Recipe for Love - Peanut Butter Soup

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 20:53 Written by
I have always loved peanut butter soup, why? I really don’t know. And it is not a coincidence that in my travels, I have been introduced to different kinds of cuisines and one common denominator – the peanut butter soup. I wish I could explain why so many cultures across the globe embrace this recipe, but I can’t. Even though I am unable to speak for others, I can tell you why I fall in love with The Gambian version of this recipe!