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Lamb cookery is typically part of Gambian culture since centuries past. And even though we have several recipes for lamb, this one isn’t the typical Gambian method of cooking lamb. But, that’s what this journey of cooking is all about; exploring the deepest parts of my culinary creativity I didn’t know existed.
I grew up eating different kinds of soups and even though oxtail soup was not a regular in our home, it was part of the family tradition especially when we welcomed “special” guests. I couldn’t help but note that when my mom cooked this delightful soup, she allowed it to thicken beyond my preference. I wondered back then why she called it “soup” if there was hardly enough broth to feed the entire family.
It's Friday and I am excited about the weekend. What is in your menu? Let me give you an idea.....Traditional Gambian Pork delicacy served with vermicelli. And you may be wondering, what is special about this recipe? Brace yourself for this journey!
I was brought to remembrance this morning that last year this time, “West African Perspective” volume I was published and launched. This year the same time, volume II manuscript is being edited in preparation for publication. This is worth celebrating but I wanted to go really light and healthy. The perfect meal, Vegetable Delight Soup!

“Summer-fun-time” seafood platter

Sunday, 24 July 2016 00:04 Written by
It is that season once again. Summer is the time for family fun and creative simple recipes for summer-fun-time. Since I grew up in The Gambia where seafood is a main ingredient in several family recipes, I find it very easy to modify or create seafood recipes that will raise the eye-brow.