A Perfect Recipe for Love - Peanut Butter Soup

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 20:53 Written by 

I have always loved peanut butter soup, why? I really don’t know. And it is not a coincidence that in my travels, I have been introduced to different kinds of cuisines and one common denominator – the peanut butter soup. I wish I could explain why so many cultures across the globe embrace this recipe, but I can’t. Even though I am unable to speak for others, I can tell you why I fall in love with The Gambian version of this recipe!

The peanut butter paste, tomatoes, onions and fresh pepper create a texture that is both comforting and heart-warming. Speaking of the heart and feelings, I also found that this recipe adds flavor to a romantic day. Since we are speaking romance, it is important to feel light. And because peanut paste is very filling in nature, you may want to be very cautious in your pairings. To avoid heaviness during this eventful moment, you may want to serve it with some couscous.

Since I am focusing on the Gambian version of this recipe, whole okra, carrots and “bitter tomatoes” would add a tantalizing taste to an already classical dish. I have set the tone for you and expect you to use your creativity, but I must add that you consider serving it in bed with some cozy beddings to lean on. Did I mention that lamb meat is my favorite choice for this recipe? Try it and let me know what the outcome is….

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