Bracing for the Breeze with ‘Tasty Greens’

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 20:46 Written by 

Alright, let me lay the foundation for what I am about to say! I like conversations about weather because to be honest, I prefer just one type of weather – warm. However; I live with the reality that I am not the only one in this planet and definitely not the only being in my continent. Now, with confession out of the way, I believe you will find it easier to keep reading!

By now, you may already know that summer times are precious to me and maybe able to understand why I would feel very comfortable calling Texas my home. This summer in Texas has been mild for the most part so needless to say, life has been great. But, every season has an expiration date and even though I struggle to admit it; winter is knocking on our doors!

The cool breeze today sparked a desire for preparedness in me. It is indeed time to start planning not only for the wardrobe or beddings but also the menu and meals. I have a collection of recipes but since winter is only knocking, I will save the heavy-duty meals for the full-blown cold weather. Today, I feel like having fun with an all-time favorite recipe.

There is a list of reasons I love ‘Tasty Greens’ but most of all, it’s the smoked turkey that leaves joy in my heart and puts a smile on the faces of all who are fortunate to partake in the meal.

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