Finding Fab Amid The Freeze - Grilled Pork

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I am very grateful for my immigration to the United States considering that the country has all great things to offer me however; sometimes I wish the weather didn’t interfere with my joy. For the simple fact that I have spent more than half of my life in Africa, adjusting to the cold weather this country presents is still a working progress. I love warm weather but since I am naturally very considerate, I understand that every season is an answer to someone’s prayer and a solution to a problem.

So, what do I do to maintain gratitude? The answer is quite simple; find ways to manage the climate changes using some creativity in the kitchen. With a cookbook and collection of recipes in my tool kit, roadblocks introduced by the cold weather quickly turn into stepping stones to perfect my creativity in the kitchen.

I must confess that I have been adjusting well to the introduction of winter but today is a different day. I may be the only one feeling this pain, but I must say that it is unbearably chilly in my neighborhood. But there is good news, there is a silver lining in the cloud, there is hope because I choose to stay positive.

The weather presents opportunities for some family bonding time because If your house is like mine, cooking is an exciting event and the menu for the weekend is driven by the temperature of the day. So, guess what’s cooking in our kitchen today? It took a while to arrive at this conclusion that Grilled Pork is the way to go however; we finally all concurred that it is a perfect remedy for our current situation.

Join our family in the journey to turn the most boring day into an exciting adventure in the kitchen. Buy a copy of our cookbook and let’s share ideas!

Recipe in our cookbook - "West African Perspective - Vol I".

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