New Year Regime – CLASSIK Green Rice

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There is something about year-end which brings a unique feeling of weight consciousness to me. I have observed that for the past few years, I think about my weight and looks around this time of the year when Thanksgiving has just passed, and Christmas approaching. Maybe I am the only one going through this cycle, but I find that I am looking at myself more in the mirror and glad that I have shed a few pounds compared to previous years. I didn’t necessarily set a weight-loss goal, it was accidental, but I love the way I feel so I intend to revamp my diet even more to meet to my ‘sub-conscious’ body-toning goal.

Even though I dream about ways to maintain my current weight and possibly not gaining an extra pound at least for the next six months, I find it difficult to carve rice out of my diet. I was born and raised in The Gambia where rice is a staple food for most families including mine. I am usually very disciplined in many facets of my life, but I must admit that when it comes to “rice”, I totally struggle with maintaining discipline.

I think what makes it more difficult for me to cut down on the rice intake is the confusing theories out there!. Some health professionals promote the intake of rice and spell out their benefits while others discourage its inclusion in our regular meals. So here I am, a rice lover caught amid these conflicting viewpoints and you can imagine what side I am going to stay on – right?

For the rest of my life, I pledge to continue eating rice however, I have committed to tweak the recipes to include more nutritious ingredients to neutralize the impact on my weight. I started with the green rice and I must tell you, I could feel the benefits the greens brought to the recipe right in my throat as I swallow each bite with joy.

This recipe is definitely simple; rice, spinach, parsley, kale, chili peppers, green peas, olive oil, black pepper and salt to taste worked the magic. You can accompany it with your choice of stew, but I prefer to serve it with orange chicken – recipe coming soon in volume II of our cookbook “West African Perspective”.

It’s almost year-end and if you’re like me, you should plan on maintaining and not gaining weight as you welcome the new year. Be encouraged that “all things are possible for those who believe”. I wish you all the best and remember to share your story with me.

Recipe in our cookbook - "West African Perspective - Vol I".

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