The Special Guest At The Christmas Lunch – Baked Pork Leg

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I can feel it in the air, the Christmas spirit is looming. I love Christmas for the simple reason that it was a special time in my home and especially for me because I took over the cooking in my high school years. Considering that cooking was a regular routine in our family, it was difficult to come up with a new recipe for special holidays like Christmas. I remember using my creative culinary skills to tweak the same recipe every year by adding a new ingredient or spice or substituting them to introduce a new taste.

There are so many recipes for families; some special, some secret, some traditional but I want to share mine. Three years ago, we blessed a family with the recipe in this blog and it gave Christmas a whole new meaning. The mother in this family shared with me that they rarely ate pork because there were just limited recipes and she found it difficult to wow her family with this “other white meat”.

Without inquiring how she had cooked her pork meat before, I offered to cook a meal for her family and guaranteed her they would eat every bite of the meat. That was a brave move, would you say? Yes, it was; and I was reminded in that moment that since the New Year was just around the corner, it was a great opportunity to practice “taking the road less traveled by” for I learned from poet Robert Frost that “it makes all the difference”.

Excitement built as I planned the menu, but I didn’t need to struggle much because I am the mistress of innovation in the kitchen. The cooking journey started first with the selection of the best part of the pork – the leg. On the morning of Christmas eve, I embarked on the most important part of the cooking – seasoning. A combination of ginger, vinegar, mustard, peppers, oregano and a dash of soy sauce worked the magic. The meat was wrapped in foil, refrigerated overnight to allow the spices to marinade and travel to the secret places of the pork leg.

Early Christmas morning, the meat was coated with buttery spread, wrapped and baked to perfection. As is my natural tendency, I decided to take one leap into dream land by adding a tray of sweet salad garnished with fresh sliced avocado.

Oh, I have to stop because my mouth cannot resist the temptation right now and I know you are fighting your taste buds too. I’m sure too that you are eager to know what happened to this family – right? Do I need to say anything, I don’t think so? I’ll let your imagination go to work for you but just a hint; I wasn’t wrong in my prediction! You are invited to try this recipe this holiday, it makes all the difference!

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