Signature Coconut Chicken

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I have always loved coconut because in my opinion, it is a “superfood” (nutrient rich and considered to be beneficial for health and well-being) at least in my native Gambia. And I don’t know whether my craving for coconut in the recent years have anything to do with age, hormones or gender but all I can admit is that coconut has a strong presence in my kitchen and recipes.

A few weeks ago, I promised my family that I would prepare a special meal for the weekend. As if friends of ours heard me, they also offered to visit us that weekend and partake in the feast. This couple have a copy of our cookbook “West African Perspective” so when they come over; they challenge me to raise the bar.

The demand for a unique recipe could have introduced pressure but not when I had all kinds of coconut products lying around in the kitchen. So needless to say, I put on my creativity cap and took a trip to the pantry and refrigerator and in a few minutes, the recipe was created.

I will be fair to you because I know you cannot wait to find out the recipe for this ‘authentic’ meal. Here you go: chicken drumsticks, shredded coconut (sugar free), coconut milk, coconut oil, white pepper, brown mustard, vinegar and salt. The chicken was seasoned overnight with the milk, spices, vinegar and salt. To ensure the chicken is well done, it was steamed for a few minutes before coating with coconut flakes and broiled to perfection.

This recipe is a sneak peak of “West African Perspective” volume 2 cookbook. We encourage you to join us on the journey of exploring the taste of the continent. We invite you to grab your copy of volume 1 available at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and via our website in both printed format and eBook.

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