Tasty Greens

Friday, 30 October 2015 14:43 Written by 

I have to say that I have always loved the greens recipe since its introduction in my home three years ago but I have never ventured to stray away from the ingredients that my friend gave me for the recipe.

Just because fall is in full swing and for me that means time to explore new things, I decided I was going to cook the greens with a little tweak to satisfy my curiosity. Not only did I substitute onions with leeks, I also added a hand full of chopped celery. I was surprised that the color and texture remained unchanged however; the taste was unique and I could not figure out whether it was the leeks or celery that made it taste like a new recipe. I am glad I tried something new because for me, what makes cooking less boring is always being bold to take the road ‘less travelled by’.

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