The Way to A Man’s Heart

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“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and besides, “who would deny the fact that good cooking skills is a pillar that holds a united family”? ~ African Proverbs ~

Oh my, isn’t it true. If you are wondering so, wait until you finish reading the story I am about to share with you. “In a famous village in The Gambia, there was a prominent family who had a land dispute that brought chaos and division in the family. The elders of the community and religious leader’s efforts to bring the family together for three years proved futile until the wedding of one of the family members - Andrew.

Marian the bride was the daughter of an influential man in a nearby village who had recently inherited the position of “chief” from his deceased father. Andrew, the groom, gathered his divided family together and implored them to support him in his endeavor to ask for the hand of the newly inaugurated chief’s daughter for marriage.

A week after the wedding, Marian visited her parents and of course, her father tasked her with the assignment of uniting her new family. Together, they devised a plan that he would call for a family meeting during which he would use his power of influence to resolve the pending family dispute. According to the tradition, it was the responsibility of the newly wedded wife – Marian to prepare the meals for this significant occasion.

By 5pm that evening, Andrew’s entire family together with the Chief and his entourage were gathered for the occasion. After exchanging greetings and following the opening remarks from the eldest male in Andrew’s family, Marian’s father perceived that it would be a great idea to begin the discussions after dinner since the culture teaches them that “matters of the heart should be discussed after doing what matters to the heart”.

Marian was called upon to serve the food and she did so under the proud observation of her father and husband. Everything appeared normal to the guests until they found out that Marian had boiled the lettuce for the salad. Yes, the lettuce was boiled, what a disaster!. Andrew’s family members were the first to flee from the scene followed by her father who was clothed with shame. I will say no more, let your imagination go to work for you.

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