Matters Of The Heart

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 00:00 Written by 

“Matters of the heart should be discussed after doing what matters to the heart”.

Now this makes sense to me because I have always wondered why married women (my mom included) in my culture choose to discuss sensitive issues or ask for favors from their husbands over a meal. And what was more baffling was the shift in attitude that even the most difficult husband became an “optimist” during meal times.

To help me confirm my assumption, I asked my mother a couple of days ago; “why did you make special requests to dad at the meal table? What is the significance of having such conversations around a meal? Fasten your seat belt, here’s what she said: “good food is balm to the heart and massages a man’s ego”.

There we go, knowledge is power. You and I can add this to our tool kit. Do not keep me out of the loop though, I would love to hear your success story and I would definitely share mine too.

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