Tasty Mango Chicken

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 00:00 Written by 

Nothing was more challenging for my sister to fathom than the thought that chicken immersed in mango gravy would taste anything close to yummy.

Two sisters, from the same home, taught the same values but with such distinct taste, that was puzzling to me for a brief moment.

I quickly snapped back into consciousness and realized that just because we are sisters, does not mean we share the same views. Do not let her reaction fool you though, this recipe will leave your family and guests speechless.

You see why I called the publisher twice this week to check on the status of the cookbook?

If it were here, I would have asked you to try the recipe tomorrow and share your feedback. Nonetheless, hold the thought; we will still go for it whenever you get your copy of the cookbook. .

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