Pineapple Salad - My morning sickness remedy!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 00:00 Written by 

When I was pregnant with my first daughter 5 years ago, I was welcomed with morning sickness that I felt was unique to my blood type! I could not swallow anything and sometimes the smell of food made me miserable.

I walked around the office with my nose up in the air not out of pride but for fear of smelling any food from the breakroom that would trigger an episode.

This went on for a while and out of frustration one day, I decided that I would try a combination of the fruits and vegetables that I was familiar with growing up and combine them into a salad. Before you knew it, a combination of peppers, pineapple, lettuce, ziti and salad cream turned into a salad that I was able to digest easily without holding my breath. From that day, it became my staple food for the remaining term of my pregnancy.

It should not be surprising that this experience earned the pineapple salad a special place in my menu.

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