Our Vision

The vision that was birth in me at the beginning of this journey was to come up with a product (cookbook) that will encourage parents to reinforce the value of home cooking and eating together as a family; a culture that seems to be fading in our society today. My husband and I already have a heart to see families thrive so it was not difficult for us to envision touching lives especially of the next generation through our writing and teaching ministry.

The passion behind this new endeavor was driven by the appreciation of my childhood days and how cooking brought life into our home. I recalled with a smile how my mother’s belief that: “the way to a man’s heart is to his stomach” became the thread that kept her marriage together. Then I started meditating on my children and my desire to teach them cooking skills especially with the African dishes they enjoy today.

I know that in my era of learning how to cook, my mother did not use recipes. I learned to cook memorizing all the dishes, ingredients and cooking steps. We did not use measuring cups but had to use “eye ball” measurement. But on the contrary, I know that the present and future generation cooks have been introduced to modern cooking methods which include the utilization of recipes in the kitchen. This cookbook is my way of encouraging parents to buy into the idea of engaging their children in the kitchen.

We embrace innovation and creativity and I want to inspire those of you who are going to cook the dishes from this cookbook to add your own flare to it. Have the courage to explore turning these recipes into a meal that your family would consume with delight. My desire is that the cooking exercise would be fun and memorable – one that the people involved would look forward to as stated by Julia Child: ”This is my advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun”. For some of you, these recipes will be a new introduction into your home but do not let their unfamiliarity stop you.
We encourage you to try the recipes that are appealing to you and again, you can add in your own creativity to make the meals cater more to your family's taste. We pray that this cookbook when added to your kitchen collection will bring some comforting memories to your home. We do not want the book to be a memoir to be placed on the counter among other collections of cook books but rather, a living passport to nurturing a fresh atmosphere in the home. We pray that it will cause many to bring back the old family values of eating fresh and home-cooked meals prepared with so much love. .