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“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and besides, “who would deny the fact that good cooking skills is a pillar that holds a united family”? ~ African Proverbs ~

These two proverbs find a special place in my heart so it is not surprising that they are at the center of such an adventure to share my skills with others like you. Right from the start of this endeavor, my husband and I were inspired not only by the cultural perspective that cooking has a special place in our society but also I reflected back on my childhood days and how cooking brought life into our home. We laughed together as I shared with him how my mother’s pure belief that: “the way to a man’s heart is to his stomach” became the thread that kept her marriage together and how she extended this nugget of wisdom to others through the sharing of her cooking ideas and skills which brought the whole neighborhood together. Then I shifted my attention to our children and reflected on my desire to teach them cooking skills especially with the African dishes they enjoy today. Most of all, my husband made a commitment to support me in walking the path that my mother traveled; to use my cooking skills as the bridge that connects me to my purpose through the touching of the lives of others and the next generation.

You can see that even from the very birth of this dream, the vision has remained unchanged. We have always thought of this new cooking adventure as a living passport to nurturing a fresh atmosphere in your home. We never stopped to envision the birth, revival or nurturing of a passion to cook in our homes particularly in the younger generation with the introduction of this unique concept – cooking together as a family. The added benefit to buying into our idea is the opportunity it presents to you and to all parents to reinforce the value of cooking meals and eating together as a family; a culture that seems to be fading in our society today.

Even though the concept of coming up with a unique product (cookbook) was a step closer to accomplishing our dream of strengthening relationships in the home, we still felt that the mission would not be complete if families were left to travel the journey alone. We are convinced that with such a product, I could use the available platform to turn my passion for learning and teaching into an institution that would touch lives and position me to walk right into my calling.

Additionally, if your home is like mine, questions like what is there to eat, what is for lunch, dinner or desert? are asked frequently and I wanted to make sure that I am able to respond with confidence which has been my inspiration to include a variety of dishes from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. Besides, we are so busy these days and sometimes may feel guilty that we are not spending quality time with our family. This teaching or learning voyage responds to that need because it encourages us to involve the family especially our children and what you will find is that the international perspective that these recipes present make cooking with them a unique experience. The cooking instructions and the way the dishes are presented with everyone’s involvement will make the journey intimate and connect all of us to the memory of bonding as “one body”.

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