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We are glad you made the decision to take the journey with us. Since this is the place where creativity meets passion, you are guaranteed to find recipe favorites that will bring elegance to your table.

You have everything you need ranging from appetizers and soups to seafood and meat dishes and everything in between which completes your collection of ideas to astound your guests. Whether you are a novice or experienced cook or your taste is exclusive or simple, there is something here for everyone and for every season.

Be prepared to enjoy the exotic taste of international burst of flavors coupled with a perspective that has everyone in mind. Bon appetite! Bon appetite! Bon appetite!


Margaret (Badjan) Ellis

Recipe & Cookbook Author

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Recipes Inspired by Gambian Cuisine with an International Blend
Fish in Tamarindo Stew
Seafood Soup
Pineapple Curry/Creamy Shrimp Curry
Chicken Wing Soup
Tasty Greens
Recipes Inspired by Gambian Cuisine with an International Blend

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    Main Dishes - Lunch & Dinner
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